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Upon taking a glance on my blog, STAIRWAY... maybe you'll ask why STAIRWAY? What is in it? Well, I chose STAIRWAY simply because it speaks of taking a STEP either going up or going down in order to reach the next level or even reach a place where you want to go. It is my avenue to reach out to the world and share my hopes and aspirations in life as well as sharing the wonders of dwelling here in the Philippines.

Welcome! Year 2010 - Year of the White Tiger

>> Wednesday, December 30, 2009

       The Tiger (associated with good fortune, power, and royalty), is viewed with both fear and respect; hence, their protection and wisdom is sought after. Many people believe the tiger, and not the lion, as the true king of beasts.
Gemstone: Sapphire
Lucky Color: Green
Lucky Numbers: 2, 3
       Positive Traits: Agile natural leaders, alert, energetic, independent, far-sighted, charming, friendly, well-liked, loyal, intelligent, confident, courageous, powerful, strong, self-reliant, sacrificing, optimistic, relentlessly competitive, good strategists and tacticians
       Negative Traits: Unpredictable, vain, distrustful, impatient, impulsive, quick-tempered, quarrelsome, rebellious, tend to risk their luck too often, often disregard others, are sensititive to criticism and have difficulty keeping their restless nature under control
      Ideal Careers for Tigers: Music, Acting, Writing, Advertising, Management, Aviation, Travel, Entrepreneur, Politics  
      Every year people, specially the Chinese, look forward to the coming of the sign of the year which they believe would play a big part on how fate of our lives would be. By February 14, 2010, the year of the tiger will begin which will last until February 2, 2011. According to the Chinese Zodiac, the Tiger is the third sign of the twelve animal signs. Ancient Chinese respected this furious animal as a sign that deflects fire, thieves and ghosts; the three main menaces of a household.
       Never underestimate people born under the sign of a Tiger. They are clever, attentive and always look at the bigger picture of a situation. They are born competitors and they can plan very well which often lead them to success and happiness. But sometimes, they tend to take hasty actions, react and be affected by their tempers which often lead to burnout. But because of being optimistic, passionate and independent, along with the gift of flexibility, they can often quickly recover from hardships.
        In the fairly long history of humanity the celebration of New Year is found to have a pre-historic root. Since the era of the most ancient civilization a number of dates have been marked as the beginning of a new year by different people from different parts of the world. The diversity is due to the difference in their ethnic and cultural background.
       Today the New Year is celebrated all over the world on January 1. But this was not the case a few hundred years back. The wide spread acceptance of January 1 as the New Year is confined only within the past four hundred years.
       The inconveniences led Julius Caesar to institute a new calendar. It was devised by the Greek astronomer Sosigenes of Alexandria from the unrivaled Egyptian solar calendar. Caesar wanted to change the date of the New Year from January 1 to a more logical date - to one of the solstices or equinoxes. However, it happened that January 1 of 45 B.C. was the date of a new moon. It would have been bad luck, or so regarded by the population, to change it.


roffe December 31, 2009 at 1:31 AM  

Happy New Year to you,
And when the new year's done,
May the next year be even better,
Full of pleasure, joy and love.

Geeks2las December 31, 2009 at 4:52 AM  

Thanks for dropping comments on my blog. Appreaciaye it! Same here, been busy with this year end. "Happy New Year" Keep up the good site.

"Life is not a race but a journey to be savoured each step along the way"

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