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Barili and its Profile

>> Saturday, December 19, 2009

Barili at dawn
Home for the Aged

Hospicio de San Jose de Barili

     Barili is a 3rd class municipality in the province of Cebu, Philippines. According to the 2007 census, it has a population of 60,430 people. Barili is located 61 kilometers southwest of Cebu City. It is bounded on the south by the municipality of Dumanjug; on the north by the municipality of Aloguinsan; on the east by the municipalities of Carcar andSibonga; and on the west by the Tañon Strait. It is the hometown of the Aguilar, Lozada, Paras and Zosa families.
     The economic output of Barili is mainly rice, maize, bananas, and coconuts
Barili is administratively subdivided into 42 barangays.
§  Azucena
§  Bagakay
§  Balao
§  Bolocboloc
§  Budbud
§  Bugtong Kawayan
§  Cabcaban
§  Campangga
§  Dakit
§  Giloctog
§  Guibuangan
§  Giwanon
§  Gunting
§  Hilasgasan
§  Japitan
§  Cagay
§  Kalubihan
§  Kangdampas
§  Candugay
§  Luhod
§  Lupo
§  Luyo
§  Maghanoy
§  Maigang
§  Malolos
§  Mantalongon
§  Mantayupan
§  Mayana
§  Minolos
§  Nabunturan
§  Nasipit
§  Pancil
§  Pangpang
§  Paril
§  Patupat
§  Poblacion
§  San Rafael
§  Santa Ana
§  Sayaw
§  Tal-ot
§  Tubod
§  Vito 

     Barili enjoys a mild and moderate climate. Due to its location in a low-lying area, both a blessing and a bane, winds do not pose a danger but floods do.


FaYe December 19, 2009 at 11:52 PM  

very informative
can you write about the politics in barili? now that election is coming.
greetings to all!

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