Why STaiRwaY?
Upon taking a glance on my blog, STAIRWAY... maybe you'll ask why STAIRWAY? What is in it? Well, I chose STAIRWAY simply because it speaks of taking a STEP either going up or going down in order to reach the next level or even reach a place where you want to go. It is my avenue to reach out to the world and share my hopes and aspirations in life as well as sharing the wonders of dwelling here in the Philippines.

Have a Great Weekend

>> Friday, April 30, 2010



Beat the Odds

>> Thursday, April 29, 2010

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Happy Birthday Nole!

>> Friday, April 23, 2010

Happy 40th birthday!!!!
Brother Nole Zosa
who will be celebrating his birthday tomorrow, April 25, 2010 
 in Jeddah' the first time ever to spend his birthday not in the Philippines 
But, anyway it's the same a very, very, very happy birthday!
From all of us here in the Philippines.
Mama Elisa, Manang Ann, Bebie, Hilamar, Harnold, Mary Babe and Hil John


Keep Cool This Summer!

>> Thursday, April 22, 2010

Wanna keep cool this summer? Summer is the warmest of the four temperate seasons. It is marked by the longest days and the hottest nights.  The season starts in different dates  in different cultures based on astronomy and meteorology. However, when it is summer in the Philippines schools have a summer break or what is known as a long vacation taking advantage of the warmer weather and longer days.
With this situation in the Philippines, people want to spend it with their families enjoying life outside the home and even enjoy eating cool, delicious and nutritious  foods.  Others are afraid to eat more not wanting to become fat and stout. Nobody wanted to be overweight and obese as it is a rising medical problem nowadays.
There are protein diet foods that are nutritious enough for you and your loved ones. Try eating these and make your summer vacation complete. Just visit this protein drinks weight loss website and achieve your health and weight loss goals with these selection of low calorie, high protein diet shakes and protein drinks. Get the same protein drinks and diet meal used by physicians and diet clinics which you and your family will love.
I am so certain you'll be pleased  and you’ll love it just like what I’ve experienced. Once tasted you’ll always want it. Keep cool this summer! Try this diet that will keep you slim, cute and cool. Hurry!


Have a Happy Day



Want to Emigrate?

Once again summer  is on. It’s vacation time. When it’s summer,we usually spend it by enjoying life outside the home like going to beaches and enjoying the summer heat by sun bathing. Others spend it by travelling abroad. Some even think of emigrating to other countries as it is the trend nowadays.
Emigration is the act of leaving one’s native country or region to settle in another.  Human movement before the establishment of political boundaries or within one state, is termed migration. There are many reasons why people might choose to emigrate. Some are for political or economic reasons, or for personal reasons like  finding a spouse while visiting another country and emigrating to be with them. Many older people living in rich nations with cold climate choose to move to warmer climates when they retire.

But there are many questions that need to be answered. Where to emigrate? What country is best for me and my family? What is their language, their religious culture, their employment opportunities, and their lifestyle? There are ten things you need to know before even thinking about emigrating. Just visit an Emigration website that promotes emigration advice with daily updates in emigration news, emigration guides and some useful stuff for people thinking of emigrating. Try this site and grab the free ebook, “10 things you need to know before emigrating”  instantly and see if emigrating is really right for you, and discover what you really should be finding out before emigrating.



>> Sunday, April 11, 2010

Last Thursday, April 8, 2010 my request for a tula online was granted. This was my lines requesting Arvin,  of Written Feelings blog. “Galing mo palang poet! Gawan mo naman ako ng tula para ma share ko sa aking mga guro lalo na sa filipino subject at ma share din nila sa kanilang mga students. Bigatin ano? Tanx in advanz.”

 Arvin U. de la Peña

Ikaw ay manipis lang na bagay
Ngunit napakalaki ng iyong halaga
Dahil ikaw ang sinusulatan
Nang kung anuman ang nais isulat.

Papel maraming salamat sa iyo
Isa kang malaking dahilan
Kung bakit ang mga tao
Natutong magbasa at magsulat.

Anuman ang isinusulat sa iyo
Maging ito man ay nakakasakit sa kapwa
Ayos lang talaga sa iyo
Wala kang pakialam anuman basahin sa iyo.

At ako bilang isang gumagamit rin sa iyo
Hindi naman kita masulatan
Ang hugis mo ay di ko makakalimutan
Lagi pa rin kitang maaalala.

Dahil ikaw na papel
Marami rin akong pinasayang tao
Pagkat pinapabasa ko sa iba
Sinulat mula sa iyo katulad ngayon.

     Arvin, Thanks for the tula. I love it. I would be sharing this tula to my teachers and students this coming June.


Article Directory, My Blogging Partner

>> Saturday, April 10, 2010

     One of my hobby is writing. It is my way of expressing my thoughts and ideas to the outside world. But writing itself is an art. It is an extension of human language across time and space. A  writer or an author is a person who composes a message or story in the form of text.  Writing is also a distinctly human activity.
     As a writer and a blogger there are times in my life that thoughts and ideas flow out freely and naturally especially when the topic I write about is touching me emotionally. There are also times in my life when writing is so dull and I don’t feel like writing something. Work pressures, lack of time , emotional disturbance and fatigue may make me lazy sometimes. During these times I feel like hanging on to somebody to update my blog, post articles for me and even sometimes write something for me. Due to these various reasons, I landed to hang on to a most popular website where I can rely my incapacities.
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     Why not try this free article writing services where you can update your blog easily and boost traffic to your website. 


Life is Complicated at 45

>> Friday, April 9, 2010

   It has been said that life begins at 40, right? At this age bracket, I realized that life is so complicated in terms of love, happiness and success. At 45 years old, there are times in my life wherein my faith in God had been tested so much. Only God can make me strong enough to battle all these demons trying to snatch away my faith in Him.
        It is still a challenge for me on how to define life.  Defining life is difficult in part because life is a process, not a pure substance. Any definition must be sufficiently broad to encompass all life with which we are familiar, and it should be sufficiently general that, with it, we would not miss life that may be fundamentally different from earthly life.
       Thanks to Rina’s site where I saw this wonderful powerpoint presentation which I would like to share to you. It answers most of my querries about life. It also served as my guide to battle all the trials that demons are offering me.

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Eyewear Makes My Eyesight Perfect

>> Wednesday, April 7, 2010

         From blurred to clearer vision was all I’ve been dreaming of. Good vision matters most in life.  It is the ability to interpret what is seen and the ability to interpret information and surroundings from visible light  reaching the eye. It is also known as sight, eyesight or vision. 
        Absence of this clear vision at the age of 45 years old bothered me most especially in school where reading is always a major skill in  performing my day to day school functions. My best friend then referred me to a website, where a bright eyesight awaits me. With every order I had, I got high quality stylish frame, anti-scratch coating, lens edge polishing and beveling, microfiber lens cleaning cloth, thin and light 1.57 index lens, full UV protection, quality and hard glasses case and a guarantee. Thanks to you friend, I’ve now got a solution to my visual problem. Furthermore, it has a very affordable, high quality and stylish eyewear that really fits my eyes.
         Experience now a bright and clear eyesight where services are always at its best. Kiss your eyes now with fabulous eyewear and enjoy watching the beauty of life where you can see the world worth living for.


Congrats Class 2010

Congratulations Graduates of Giloctog National High School Class 2010. I salute you for reaching another peak of success.


Enjoy The Sports Fun This Summer

      Want to enjoy your summer vacation? Join me in the field of sports. A sport is commonly defined as an organized, competitive and skillful physical activity requiring commitment and fair play. It is governed by a set of rules or customs. In a sport the key factors are the physical capabilities and skills of the competitor when determining the outcome (winning or losing). The physical activity involves the movement of people, animals and/or a variety of objects such as balls and machines. Non-competitive activities such as jogging and rock-climbing, are usually classified as recreations.
     Everybody should love these popular sports like baseball, basketball, football and hockey. 
Keep busy this summer and enjoy the fun life is giving you. Sail with me through this website of sports. Your ultimate guide for sports betting online. You will also learn tips and tricks on how to bet online. Popular sports books are also available.
     Sports are most often played just for fun or for the simple fact that people need exercise to stay in good physical condition. However professional sport is a major source of entertainment. Although they do not always succeed, sports participants are expected to display good sportsmanship, standards of conduct such as being respectful of opponents and officials, and congratulating the winner when losing.
          Actions may not always bring happiness but there is no happiness without action. So have 
a good time this summer and enjoy the sports fun.. 


Man Cannot Live by Bread Alone

>> Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Man Cannot Live by Bread Alone

It has been said that man cannot survive in this world without the words of God. Do you believe in this? “Yes I do,” is always the answer.
I can still recall the saddest moments in my life when the world seemed so cruel to me. I asked the Lord why this misfortune happened to me and not  to others despite my being His good follower. God just answered, “Mary Ann, live, be happy and don’t worry for I have chosen thee.”
There were even times in my life when all the problems were cast down upon me and the darkest night seemed not to end and all my struggles were in vain. I called on to God and He answered me, “Mary Ann, You are not alone.”
I then learned that life is a challenge to live. To care, to understand and to forgive is all that matters to God. I want the Lord to lead me to a path where trials are few but soon I realized and chose to continue my journey in life with God. I don’t know where I am going to for it is God who leads me the way. He is the the life, the truth and the way.

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I Just Signed Up For Social Spark

>> Friday, April 2, 2010

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

Last March 20, 2010, I received an email from Social Spark disapproving my blog. It worried me much for it is my greatest desire to join SocialSpark. So  I resubmitted my blog trying to meet the Code of Ethics. I was then so happy when I received another email yesterday approving my blog membership and giving me more opportunities to grab. They even offered higher pay compared to other websites. The pay is high enough to motivate me to blog more and post worthwhile articles. Social Spark  then gives me the chance to grow and the opportunity to widen my writing skills and prove my worth.

     Being  a first timer, I don’t know what to do with the opportunities given coupled with all the excitement in me. So I seek help from experienced blogger. Faye, the owner of  My Life In Holland blog instructed me how to sign up an account with Social Spark. All I did was  clicked, “I Sign up for SocialSpark”,  then clicked, “take this oppotunity” then I saw the requirements on how to make my post. Just that! It’ just so easy and you’ll earn money.
     Try Social Spark now and enjoy the offer which I am enjoying now.
Visit my sponsor: I Signed Up for SocialSpark!
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