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Upon taking a glance on my blog, STAIRWAY... maybe you'll ask why STAIRWAY? What is in it? Well, I chose STAIRWAY simply because it speaks of taking a STEP either going up or going down in order to reach the next level or even reach a place where you want to go. It is my avenue to reach out to the world and share my hopes and aspirations in life as well as sharing the wonders of dwelling here in the Philippines.

A Valentine for my Teacher

>> Saturday, February 13, 2010

Every day I come to school;
I spend a lot of time
Learning all the things you teach,
Which is the reason I’m
Sending you this Valentine;
It’s meant to let you know
I’m happy you’re my teacher
And I want to tell you so!
Happy Valentine’s Day
To my favorite teacher!
By Joanna Fuchs
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FaYe February 14, 2010 at 5:46 AM  

ann, ok na imo badge.gi-edit nako ang color sa chatbox. nindot man imo new layout lagi. kamao na gyud ka.
happy valentine's day!

Mary Ann February 14, 2010 at 7:16 PM  

To Sister Faye,

Si lamar nag change ako lay out ug himo badge dn nilarga naman siya mao to wa nahuman ang kolor sa chatbox. Thanx ha.

Marianne February 16, 2010 at 12:32 AM  

NEw look.... Happy valentines

Arvin U. de la Peña February 16, 2010 at 7:50 PM  

belated happy valentines to you ang to your teacher..

Mary Ann February 16, 2010 at 11:58 PM  

To friend Marianne,

Thanks! I'll try my luck in blue.

Mary Ann February 17, 2010 at 12:00 AM  

To friend Arvin,

Thanks for the Valentine greetings. Though it's late it's much welcomed.

Mga Epal February 22, 2010 at 12:26 PM  

Lucky teacher.

STAIRWAY February 27, 2010 at 11:54 AM  

To Friend Mga Epal,

Thanks for the precious lines. Happy weekend.

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