Why STaiRwaY?
Upon taking a glance on my blog, STAIRWAY... maybe you'll ask why STAIRWAY? What is in it? Well, I chose STAIRWAY simply because it speaks of taking a STEP either going up or going down in order to reach the next level or even reach a place where you want to go. It is my avenue to reach out to the world and share my hopes and aspirations in life as well as sharing the wonders of dwelling here in the Philippines.

Vision Is Wealth

>> Thursday, June 24, 2010

     Faith is to believe what we do not yet see but the reward for this faith is to see what we believe. No one wants to see the dark side of the earth. Everyone dreams to have a clear vision and know where to stand and what to stand for. We don’t believe in the imagination. What we can see is infinitely more important than what we cannot see.
     Glasses can be a major part of personal image and expression. For some celebrities, eye glasses form part of their identity. Eye glasses are frames bearing lenses worn in front of the eyes normally for vision correction, eye protection or for protection from ultraviolet rays. Modern eyeglasses are typically supported by pads on the bridge of the nose and by temple arms placed over the ears. They are definitely a personal fashion and style item and to that end we should strive to possess a fashionable and stylish product of great durability, safety and comfort at truly reasonable and affordable price.
     Man would give all the wealth of the world and all the deeds of all the heroes for one true vision. If man don't have a vision, nothing happens.


"Life is not a race but a journey to be savoured each step along the way"

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